the prescott lobby

mango was thrilled to be asked by our good friend stefan aepli of francl architecture to help design the lobby of the wesgroup’s new prescott condominium tower at 13th & lonsdale in north vancouver.

while quite contemporary in design, the condos were being sold overwhelmingly to the senior set. our goal was to create a space that was warm and welcoming while appealing to the boomers & the silent generation… who obviously have a lot more style than we give them credit for! we made sure there were plenty of places to perch with a long walnut bench hiding the radiator along the glazing wall and built-in seating off the central column. in the elevator lobby, a solid handrail/coffee holder is integrated into the millwork.

the custom ‘cumulus’ pendants are made by the fine folks at local design studio propellor, using 3form ecoresin with minimum 40% recycled content. a shattered sphere by north vancouver’s own brent comber sits comfortably before the feature wall of ‘clif’ interlocking panels by modular arts. the painting entitled ‘la voix’ is by vancouver artist norah borden.

PROPELLOR (toby barratt, pamela goddard & nik rust)… ‘we thrive on the challenge of creating useful, beautiful and ecologically minded objects and experiences. our work spans a broad range of disciplines from lighting and furniture design to spatial design and sculpture. there are threads that run through all of our work – an interest in nature, it’s forms and systems, a passion for exploring materials, function and aesthetics and a desire to make things that will last well into the future.’

BRENT COMBER…  ‘place is not always a physical location: it might be a moment in time; it could be an experience; it could be something deep within me that i don’t yet fully understand. that’s why materiality is important in my life. for now, wood is my choice of material to convey my desire to talk about the magic of place – it offers a tactile way to take people back to their childhood, to feel stability in their life or to slow down. it’s about soulfulness, connectedness, authenticity.’

NORAH BORDEN… ‘the point of dialogue that most intrigues me is, although borders separate and define everything from our natural resources to cultural attitudes, there is far more that we share in the world than that which divides us. perhaps by seeing the planet from a higher perspective, we can start to live in harmony because as the saying goes, “there’s no planet b”.’

PHOTOGRAPHY: prescott by mango design co I artisan photos and bios from web

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