‘the designer today should not help to produce more, he has to help to produce fewer and better things. there is a beauty, an aesthetic and philosophy of less.’  – philippe starck

since 2003, mango design co has been creating homes & interiors with a philosophy of less, of keeping it local and of thoughtful design for future generations. we don’t believe bigger is better! we reuse existing housing stock & strive to make better use of space before creating additions. we build community by hiring local craftsmen & purchasing from local companies. we do love fabulous style, but we are not about the bling! we choose renewable & recycled materials and use natural finishes that feel good, wear gracefully and have longevity. in an increasingly material world, this is a design philosophy we can feel good about.

but please don’t mistake our ethics for boring! mango design co owner + creative director tanya mclean is an artist at heart. her design inspiration stems from the context of the spaces & places we inhabit here on the west coast and her undying passion for global travel. she loves mixing eras, textures + colours… the whimsical, the artsy + the handcrafted. her creative design aesthetic results in an eclectic, timeless modernism.

whole home design (inside+out)| laneway houses | custom millwork & furniture design | multi-family interiors | residential lobbies & display suites | boutique commercial interiors