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all over the pages of pinterest & throughout my recent travels in mediterannean europe & morocco, bold & beautiful tiles abound! timeless & vintage or funky & modern… colourful & patterned tile as a decorative floor & wall surface throughout homes, restaurants & shops is a look we love at mango.

but in vancouver, we tend to use tile only in wet or high traffic locations and we tend to be a bit dull about it.  sure, we might throw a bit of flavour into a backsplash or a bathtub border (ugh.. borders), but why not add some personality throughout your space?

a little spark…

we’ve taken a spark from mutina’s azulej collection, designed by the fabulous patricia urquiola and available locally at stone tile ( ). the bold & intricate patterns on these rectified porcelain stoneware tiles are printed with cold digital printing and come in 3 colour pallets: bianco, grigio & nero.

“With the collection Azulej, we would like to evaluate the memory of the hydraulic cement, experimenting an innovative digital printing technique which enables the production of a high diffusion product. The patterns deliberately combine different aesthetic languages: memories, geometrical schemes, floral design, all developed both in a longitudinal and diagonal direction. The process has exponentially developed, and we have managed only to sketch some possible combinations..and now, it’s up to you!” Patricia Urquiola

photo: mutina azulej collection )

we’ve created a space based around mutina’s ‘azulej estrela nero’ tile to illustrate how tiles can enliven a room, yet still feel soft & warm (especially with in-floor heating). interest is created by layering natural textiles like felt, linen & knits with raw wood & steel. a bright & colourful furnishings pallet balances the cool hue of the floor.

at mango we’re a bit eclectic, so we’ve chosen furniture pieces that are inherently different but complement each other nicely. for instance, the woven chair adds a playfulness with it’s juxtaposition of metal and yarn, while the wooden pioneer chair and side board brings a handcrafted warmth to the space. what do you think?

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images collected from various sources: by designer, on pinterest & at linked websites

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