IDS open studio – part 1

IDS (Interior Design Show) ‘invites a selected group of designers or design firms to participate in a curated installation that focuses on a singular theme. For 2016 we have partnered with Portland-based Colorhouse Paint to present the Colour Edition. Open Studio will occupy 1600 sq ft of prime exhibition space and will feature a group of designers who will all present their concept based on the singular theme of colour. With a 10′ x 10’ raw space as a blank canvas, we are welcoming invited participants to showcase their notion of the theme colour with the opportunity to create either a functional or conceptual installation within 100 square feet.’

mango is stoked to be taking part in this year’s OPEN STUDIO at IDS Vancouver! Yesterday we dismantled our pre-build and installed it at the convention centre. Today is the clean-up and the decorating. Tomorrow is the party!! We hope to see you there…

A SLOW LOUNGE – The Greek island of Paros is where mango’s owner + creative director, Tanya McLean, finds her heart and soul at peace. On Paros, the slow life still exists. People work to live, not live to work. Friends take time for each other & family is at the heart of daily life. Countless hours are spent sharing stories over coffee, drinks & mezze.

We created our open studio space to embrace the slow life within a busy convention setting. We did it in a way that is part Greek island, part global traveller, part west coast, and a whole lotta mango! Come on in and share some stories & laughs with us…

TERRIS LIGHTFOOT CONTRACTING – ‘A fully-accredited general contracting firm engaged in custom residential and commercial renovation, new construction and envelope-restoration projects. Together, Reece Terris and Warren Lightfoot have over 45 years of hands-on construction and project management experience.’

Having worked on numerous fabulous projects together over the past several years, we are so happy to call Reece, Warren + the crew at Terris Lightfoot our friends. They are a stellar group of people to work with and we wouldn’t have our space built without their generosity! Amazing work my friends!

WIDE PLANK HARDWOOD – ‘We are dedicated to the practices that demonstrate ecologically sensitive business operations which minimize our impact on the environment. We are always looking at ways to produce long lasting, beautiful, ecologically responsible hardwood floors.’

After years of holding onto a business card for Wide Plank Hardwood, we finally made the connection through a current renovation project. Kevin Nerling (president + owner) came to East Van to meet with us and we were so impressed with what they do, we took a trip out Chilliwack to visit their operations. We’ll worth the trip! And not only did they agree to sponsor the flooring and beam work for our OPEN STUDIO space, they pulled it together in an incredibly short time period… all with a smile!

THE FOUND AND THE FREED – ‘we hunt. we dig. we drive. we pick. we explore. we get dirty. we are always on the lookout. we find beauty. we collect. we clean up. we reuse. we edit. we hum. we haw. we curate. we pop up. we sell. we free…’

We love these ladies! Ainsley McIntyre + Lindsay Burke have a fabulous shop in an old corner store on Victoria Drive, right in mango’s eastside neighbourhood. They graciously loaned us some quirky antiques for our OPEN STUDIO space! Be sure to also checkout their coffee lounge when you’re visiting IDS…

WESTERN RECLAIMED TIMBER CORP – ‘We provide environmentally friendly recycled timbers and lumber as well as flooring, mantels, shelves and custom cut wood, recovered primarily from old buildings and industrial structures. In addition to retailing reclaimed wood, we are also involved with the deconstruction of industrial structures and salvage of usable materials. In everything we do our focus is on integrity, quality and safety. There are pieces of Vancouver history all through our yard!’

Last month, we had the pleasure of a tour at their works yard along the Fraser River in Maple Ridge by Western Reclaimed’s Amika Scott. Such an incredible find and so amazing of them to donate a wall of reclaimed painted wood for our space! We can’t wait to work with the gang at Western Reclaimed on future projects…

PROPELLOR … ‘we thrive on the challenge of creating useful, beautiful and ecologically minded objects and experiences. our work spans a broad range of disciplines from lighting and furniture design to spatial design and sculpture. there are threads that run through all of our work – an interest in nature, it’s forms and systems, a passion for exploring materials, function and aesthetics and a desire to make things that will last well into the future.’ 

I cant quite recall when our love for Propellor began, but it is true! We’ve worked with these fine folks – Toby Barratt, Pamela Goddard & Nik Rust – quite a few times over the years and they’ve become our favourite industry peeps for  ‘meetings’ at our local Eastside breweries. Come and see they’re Ono lights in our OPEN STUDIO space… and if you’re at the party Thursday night, you’ll likely meet the creators too!

ANN SACKS – ‘Shouldn’t all rooms be living? These are words we live by. Far more than just a slogan, our tagline is really the mantra of our reason for being. We’re here to transform living spaces, and make them come truly alive for each and every person who enters.’

We are so in love with the beautiful handcrafted tiles at Ann Sacks! And we are so thankful to Erin + Ladan for coordinating sponsorship of the feature tile work in our OPEN STUDIO space. The gorgeous Eastern Promise concrete tiles are designed by Martyn Bullard and hand-made in Morocco. We’ll be taking requests if anyone wants to purchase these after the show…

PROVIDE – ‘We are discoverers with discerning taste and an eye for the sublime. Provide curates far and worldwide for lifestyle décor crafted with perfection – ceramics, glass, wood, metal and textiles abound. From a distinctive source of inspiration, dedication or tradition –each design is a story of where and why we selected it for our store, a setting, your home.’

What can i say about Robert Quinnell + David Keeler? These guys top my list for having the best taste and the loveliest shop in Vancouver! We are over the moon that they agreed to provide us with the most perfect pillows by Eskayel and Teixidors for our OPEN STUDIO seating area. Thank you guys!!

LUCY POSKITT – ‘Hello! I’m an artist living, working and teaching in Vancouver, BC, Canada. My work is inspired by landscapes and the stories we tell ourselves that help us to explain our place in this world. For as long as I can remember I’ve had my hand in one art form or another: I like to do it all, but weaving and other textile arts have always been a mainstay in my life. When I’m not weaving, you can find me cooking and baking, reading in a park and biking around my fair city.’

This year, I had the pleasure of taking a Weaving 101 class with Lucy Poskitt in Chinatown. It was such a fun class, and even though i still haven’t finished my piece, i fell in love with the art of weaving… so much better than knitting. We are happy to have a few of Lucy’s weavings adorning the walls of our OPEN STUDIO space.


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