meet tanya mclean


‘unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it’s not.’
– the lorax aka dr seuss

as owner + creative director of mango design company, tanya mclean is known for her timeless, modern design aesthetic and passion for environmentally conscious design. she is inspired by nature, music and the diverse cultures experienced on her extensive travels. she is keenly aware of the social and environmental effects of the design & construction industry on the planet & it’s people. her enthusiasm for the environment inspires her clients to rethink their actions & lighten their footprints.

mango design co was born in 2003, a year after the birth of tanya’s daughter, hannah. with previous experience in a global architectural firm, tanya felt that going back to a demanding firm wouldn’t allow her the time she desired raising hannah. while the demands of running a small business never end, mango has allowed her the flexibility she craved… and tanya wouldn’t have it any other way!

tanya has an honours diploma of architectural + building engineering technology (’99) and a certificate of interior design (’97), both from bcit. she frequents classes and lectures on sustainable design + urban planning and engages in ongoing explorations of the textile arts, pottery, drawing + painting. despite her practical bcit background, tanya has an expressionist soul. she loves the whimsical, the eclectic, the colourful and the imperfect and would love the opportunity to inject this aesthetic into your space!