Nichole Skladan

mango marvel

midway through nichole’s week-long practicum at mango design co, tanya knew she’d found a pretty perfect mango, so she invited nichole to stay for another week… and then hired her for the summer!

it was clear that nichole shared mango’s ethos of creating spaces that would not only enrich the lives of the users, but would remain relevant for years to come. she has a passion for creating with conscious intent and for choosing materials that respect the environment and those within it. nichole’s aesthetic strikes a balance between natural simplicity and whimsical, worldly, eclecticism. 5 years later, nichole has injected mango’s portfolio with her own lively personality + creativity… and has ripened into somewhat of a sketch-up guru in the process!

nichole graduated from alberta high school of fine arts and went on to pursue the arts at the university of lethbridge. after moving west, she supplemented her creative bent with various paying gigs before deciding to return to school. in 2014, nichole graduated from bcit with a diploma of interior design, with distinction. if you’re ever at bcit, you may just see her smiling face on a few life size posters around campus 😉